About Sophie & Tiggy


Sophie (that’s me):  lover of pink, wind powered watersports, painting, yoga and dancing to music with words.  Currently on eternity leave from corporate life.

Tiggy (that’s my rescue Jack Russell Terrier):  lover of tummy tickles, energetic walks, snoozes in sunny spots, chasing balls and cheese.

The Beast (our 1969 Series IIa Land Rover):  reconditioned, very heavy, surprisingly comfortable and main mode of transport for the majority of our adventures.

The aim?  To live a life worth living, according what is important to me, rather than merely making a living.  I.e. Live The Life You Love.

For 2017 we will be mastering kite surfing in Tarifa, summering in the Alps, and then back to Tarifa for September.  In October (alas, without Tiggy) I’m going trekking in Nepal for two months to complete both the Annapurna Circuit and a circuitous route via the Gokyo Lakes to Everest Base Camp.  From December onwards, reunited with Tiggy and The Beast, we’ll be in Chamonix for the season where the aim is to conquer the art of ski touring with a small dog.

“Ooh, you must write a blog” said so many of my friends.  So here it is.  You can follow our updates here or with more pictures and fewer words on Instagram.  I hope to do lots of things worth writing about and lots of writing worth reading.


Sophie, Tiggy & The Beast X